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About Us - An Oil of Oregano Journey

"From someone who has been using Oil of Oregano for over 20 years, I promise you, our blend is the best you can find ...!"

About 20 years ago, I was browsing around in a health food store with one of my friends. I had just recently gone through a bad upper GI episode, Spastic Colon, was the official diagnosis. Basically, my colon would go into spasms and clamp shut, thus stopping the natural progression of food through my system and creating a pain in my gut that was completely debilitating. My doctor had prescribed an 'anti-spasmodic' with the instructions to take one whenever I would feel an 'attack' coming on, and I would get a little warning - sometimes - kind of a bubbly, tight feeling right in the middle of my stomach, and then bam, I would be reduced to a crumpled ball in a fetal position for 45 minutes until the drug took effect.

When I would finally be able to get up from the bed, I would be groggy and, well, drugged for the rest of the day or evening. I was a young mother with 3 rambunctious boys, a full time job, and a part time home-based business that my husband and I were trying to get off the ground. Being curled up in a ball and then walking around like a zombie for the next several hours simply was not a solution!! I began to study digestion, all the possible reasons for my condition, ways to change my diet, etc. Stress was at the top of the list, but first I had to heal my colon, i.e. prevent any further attacks as much as possible so that the weak spot that would go into spasm could become stronger. I needed to make my food 'softer' and easier to get through my system, and I also needed to slow down and try to eliminate some of the stress in my life. Digestive enzymes was why I was in the health food store that day. I had already found that taking them with each meal was actually preventing the attacks. I never needed to refill the prescription. Hmmm prevention, what a novel idea, right?

So what does all this have to do with oil of oregano? Well it just so happened that I also had a sinus infection, an ongoing one that would come and go, of course several rounds of antibiotics had not kicked it completely from my system, and I remarked to my friend, "I wonder if there is anything in here that is good for sinus infections" From across the aisle, I heard a voice declare "Oil of Oregano!" I never actually saw the person attached to the voice, but I hollered back "Thank you!" - Got to the checkout counter and asked the clerk for some, and it was not cheap! I think back then it was like $25 for only about 1/2 of an ounce, it was a blend, not 100% Essential Oil, but the clerk still told me to be very careful. I said that I had a sinus infection and how should I use it - He said to just drip a "teeny tiny little smidgen" right in my nostril and let it go to work. Again he said to be very careful.

I got home and tried to figure what 'teeny tiny little smidgen' could possibly mean, so I opted for squeezing all the oil out of the dropper and then just using that last little bit that kind of clings to the end of the dropper directly in my nose. OH MY GOD!! I thought my head was going to burst - it was so strong, my face instantly turned into a faucet, I started sneezing uncontrollably, and I thought "Oh boy, I really screwed up this time!" I swear I must have sneezed about 25 times in a row -- and they were earth shattering sneezes too! I blindly groped for handfuls of tissues to mop up the mess, and just prayed that it would end soon, which it did. (I have to admit the sneezes felt amazing!) When it was all over, I splashed cold water in my face and looked up - my sinus pressure was gone - my head actually felt clear for the first time in months! I blew my nose and out came this gob of . . . well, use your imagination. Can I tell you the truth here? That was 20 years ago and I have never had a chronic sinus infection since. Every now and then a head cold, yes, but my sinuses have stayed perfectly clear. Amazing huh?

Well, since that time, I began to rely more and more on Oil of Oregano for everything. Sore throats that my boys would get - I'd make them tilt their heads back and drip just a drop or two (diluted of course) right down their little throats. They would gag and grumble and grimace - and I would simply tell them "The bugs don't like it either!!" and the next morning - their sore throats would be gone. I can't tell you how much money I have saved in doctor's visits!

Our Oil of Oregano Formula

I could go on and on about the endless uses that I have found over the years, but you can check out the how to use section of this website and basically learn the same things that I have learned. So, as one thing led to another, in 2012 I became involved in an online health products enterprise, www.energywisellc.com and then in 2013, we began to bottle Oil of Oregano ourselves and "Mountain of Joy" was born! From someone who has been using Oil of Oregano for over 20 years, I promise you, our blend is the best you can find, and I'm not just saying that!

We start out by using 100% Wild Origanum Vulgare Essential Oil (with 75% to 85% carvacrol - see our 'what is' page) guaranteed to be imported from Turkey, and then we blend it with M.C.T. oil, which is a coconut based oil, in a 1:1 ratio (this makes a 50% solution that is suitable for both internal and external use. Never use undiluted essential Oil of Oregano internally - you must cut it with a carrier oil for internal use).

M.C.T. Oil is the best carrier oil you can use because: (1) M.C.T. aids in the absorption of the oregano oil; (2) coconut oil has a lot of health benefits of it's own; and (3) most importantly, M.C.T. oil will not change molecular structure from exposure to light, heat or simply over time, and thus, it will never 'go rancid'. All other Oil of Oregano formulas out there use either olive oil or tea tree oil, sometimes even cheap soybean oil, all of which are known to go rancid over time. M.C.T. oil will not!

We here at Mountain of Joy are excited to be bringing this quality product to the marketplace! Our facility is located in Fancy Gap, Virginia, right in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains where the air is clean and the water comes from the ground. It truly is our Mountain of Joy! There are plans (down the road) to develop other oregano based products, such as ointments for sore muscles, salves for skin conditions, and even an oregano soap. So please check back often and buy your Oil of Oregano from us with complete confidence! Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

Please feel free to call 276-728-2778 or e-mail anytime!

Sincerely, Jeanne Barnett
Owner, Energywise, LLC

Oil of Oregano - Nature's Versatile Healer!

History of Oil of Oregano -- Since ancient times oregano has been used for its healing and medicinal qualities. The first recorded use was by the Sumerians in 3,000 B.C., who described many medicinal applications. There is a picture of an oregano plant on the walls of the palace of Minos of ancient Crete dated about 2,000 B.C.

For centuries the Greeks made heavy use of the herb to relieve joint pain, aching muscles, chronic cough, infections and venomous bites. The Romans also used the herb for medicinal uses. Oregano has been cultivated in the Mediterranean region since biblical times. In fact, a variety of oregano was the hyssop mentioned in the Bible, which is commonly held to be Origanum.* the cleansing and purifying characteristics of hyssop in the Bible are clearly revealed (Lev. 14; Num. 19:6; Psa. 51:7).

Traditional Chinese physicians have used oregano for centuries to treat fever, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, and itching skin conditions. Europeans have used oregano like marjoram, as an aromatic spice, and as a digestive aid, arthritis treatment, an expectorant for cough, colds, flu, and chest congestion, and as a menstruation promoter.

The ancients also used oregano as a seasoning, and it still is used as such. But until recent times the Western world, particularly America, has not availed itself of its immense medicinal benefits. The ancients used oregano as a medicine because their experience proved that its regular use helped ward off infection and disease. The forms in which it was administered included the essential oil, hot infusions made with the leaves/roots, and the crushed fresh herb as a poultice.


*John D. Davis, A Dictionary of the Bible, 4th ed., p. 330

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